Norwegian words you already know how to pronounce:

How do you say semen in norwegian?

Here is a fun practice, and I can almost guarantee you’ll never forget the meaning of this word nor how to pronounce it!

Take a moment now to imagine all the semen that didn’t make it. You can imagine they would be sad, right? Now, see them swimming around like crazy,  crying their eyes out before they just die in there of sadness! Sad, sad semen! Do yourself a favour, and repeat this imagined situation in the comfort of your very own head! Close your eyes now and just see it again, and make it as vivid as possible by adding colors, sounds… Hear them crying in their sadness! Do it! Close your eyes, and come back to us as soon as you’re done.

The Norwegian word for semen is SÆD.

Can you guess how we pronounce sæd?
Will you ever forget what semen is in norwegian?